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Friday, August 15, 2003


Sean Gallagher

St. Joseph is one of my favorites as well, for several reasons. Well first, he's just a great example for being a holy husband and father, something which I am striving, with the grace of God, to be.

Second, he is the patron of the parish in which I was raised and in which I now serve as DRE.

Third, my son Michael was born on his more recent feast day, St. Joseph the Worker, May 1. As a result, Joseph is my son's middle name.

Fourth, the archabbot of the monastery where I was a monk for 2 1/2 years (my simple vows were dispensed at my request) had a great devotion to St. Joseph. He often spoke to us about how he entrusted the care of the monastery to him. While I was there his intercession seemed powerful indeed.

There is a beautiful shrine to St. Joseph there. It is across a small valley and river from the monastery. It contains a large wooden statue of the saint situated in a large niche made of local sandstone. The abbot of the monastery had the trees by the river in front of the shrine cleared out so that he and anyone else could see it, with its constant candles burning at night from across the valley. It was always beautiful for me to see it during a nightime stroll.

If anyone is interested in developing a devotion to him, go here:


for a wallet-sized copy of the Litany of St. Joseph and here:


for a wallet-sized copy of the Little Office of St. Joseph.

(Thanks to Disputations for these links. Go here:


for this nice post on the saint.)

Hey JACK, why can't we do links in your comment boxes?


Hey, Sean. Hmm, I don't know. Your links are showing as active ones to me when I viewed your comment. I'll have to play around with things after my parents leave this weekend and see if I can figure out if the software just recognizes anything entered with an html address as a link automatically.

Sean Gallagher

I tried to do the links within a text, rather than with the full blown address. When I hit preview the text didn't have a hyperlink. Thats why I put in the full blown address. So I was a bit surprised after I posted it that the address itself was turned into a link. Oh well.


I am all for the idea that lay saints ought to be popularised. It is every christians calling to be perfect,to be a saint. It can be done!We have got to believe that it is not an unattainable ideal. Thank God for St. Joseph Moscatti, Blessed Gianna Beretta Molla. Thank God for Opus Dei and St Josemaria Escriva and his message of personal sancitfication in ordinary life!

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