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Thursday, August 07, 2003


David Morrison

Jack. I would add that integrity and authenticity among all Christians, clergy and laity, (but particularly the laity because we are the Salt that I believe Christ meant would season our worlds) are more important now than ever.

We are the most cynical and lied to culture in the history of the world. We expect people to lie to us, particularly those in authority, and we question all claims to both truth and Truth.

The only way to break through this cultural wall of distrust and cynicism is through a witness of authentic, intregated Catholicism (and other stripes of Christianity). It's up to us to do it, with God's help, as lay people, in the course of daily lives. Here we are Lord, how can we help?


As a relatively new Catholic blogger (one month now), I am finding that many of my contemporaries have fallen into the "culture of complaint" that you mentioned. While addressing current problems in the Catholic Church and the world is certainly valid and expected on a Catholic blog, it seems that many of them have begun to dedicate themselves exclusively to what I indelicately call "whining". I'll admit that I whine from time to time on my blog, but I am trying valiantly not to move into that "neighborhood" you alluded to in your post. There's a lot of good and interesting things going on in the Catholic Church around the world, and they deserves attention. Blogs are also useful for sharing knowledge of, or related to, the Faith as well as personal prayers and reflections on the scriptures. There is also a light side to Catholicism (like the frustration of the votive candle vendors outside the St. Anthony's Shrine in Padua having their wares distorting into unrecognizable blobs in the recent heat) that add a little fun to one's day.

Frank Tassone

Thank you for your honest post. I, too, am a new blogger. I've allowed the lack of comments on my blog to affect my mood. Suddenly, my purpose became less clear to me as well. Punditry has its allure. Thank you for reminding me why I blog: To reflect on life, culture, and the world--and to try to do so the best I can through the eyes of Christ.

As far as the role of the laity is concerned, here's my thought so far. As a cursillista, I've come to see the opportunity I have to "Christianize" the environments I am a part of. I can be Christ's sacrament to the people in my family, my workplace and my association of friends and aquaintences. By bringing Christ to them through my own honest witness--preaching through my actions first, I help to evangelize these environments. As Christians, we all share through our Baptism Christ's roles of priest, prophet and king. The laity, through our call to live in the world, exercise our priestly role most effectively when we sanctify the world we live in.

I'd appreciate any feedback you have. Thanks again for an inspirational post!

Davey's mommy

I'm glad to see your blog back, and really glad to read of your renewed purpose. I have the same problem with the critical nature of so many blogs, but mostly with myself for reading them and eating it all up. I have stayed more trivial and personal than I like on my own site because I just can't stand the thought of being the arrogant know-it-all that I often am in person, but even more proudly and deliberately in a public forum that claims to represent a Catholic viewpoint.

Anyway, I'll be reading!


I haven't read your blog before, but your description sounds great. This has been something I've wanted to ruminate and discuss, but don't really have takers. Not even at the parish; there, it's all about lay ministry in the parish, so everyone's really just staring at their own navels. There is nada about lifting up and sanctifying the world. Pope John XXIII wanted to throw open the windows of the Church to the world, but we only really do that if the air conditioning isn't working properly. I don't think that's what he meant.

I agree about the whining, and mea culpa, too. Where's my hairshirt?

BTW, have you seen "The Universal Call to Holiness" in marble at the National Shrine of the Basilica of the Immaculate Conception in DC? (Installed 1999.)

Peg K

I have recently been blogging on a site called It is a group of young christians who are for the main part Protestant. Althought I have tried to represent the Catholic Church to them, I seem to have failed. I hope some faithful young Catholics will help them see the truth and beauty in our church. I love your blog and have added it to my favorites. Thank you, In Christ

Steven Riddle

Dear Sir,

It is very easy to get off track. I have thought about it alot as I do tend to swerve back and forth within my lane of the superhighway. It takes reevaluation, discipline, and sometimes starting a different blog to get all those other things off your chest.

However, you have my prayers and my interest. I will look forward to what's next.




Good to be here. Your visual format is as stellar as your content!


I fell to the comment and hit count quickly. I've become a tad jaded with the over-critical blogs and commenters of late however, and, like you intend to attempt to corral my need for speed with a little Catholic care!

Back soon!


Haven't had the pleasure of seeing your earlier blog, but given the importance of the topic I'm pleased to see you've re-started it. I confess that I've indulged in the "culture of complaint" as well; as one reader has noted, it's easy to wander off track, but perhaps we can motivate each other to stay the course. God bless you with your new endeavor!


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