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Saturday, March 26, 2005



Hi Jack,

I was very surprised of your understanding of what Fr. Giussani means by the greek word "koinoia". It's funny how I got so tangled up last week trying to explain this to some guys at our school of community and you so easily lay it out in here. I do believe the works of Father Giussani have made me not only a better Catholic (if such term would even apply) but a better human being. I desire, like you, to be happy and I have understood that it is only through living in this community, with the truth, that I can attain what I look for. Thanks for reminding me of this word "koinonia".
P.D. By the way, I thought I should brag (for no one has complimented me) and tell you that I took the picture of the Way of the Cross at downtown Chicago led by CL. The very same one u have posted here. yay!


Hi Mayela!

Yes, I suppose I should apologize for (1) swiping the pictures from your website and (2) for posting versions of them without attribution. I hope you don't mind. And since no one has, let me say that you took great pictures from the event!

Now the real question is, have you figured out who I am yet (as you do know me)? (Ah, the subtlety of my pseudonym.)


huh...I know you? I guess I do since you do mention doing SoC. I know pretty much everyone who does SoC in Chicago. Can't figure it out...just yet.
What you must absolutely know is that I have enjoyed reading your blog. What strikes me the most is your deep, sincere, attentive, amazing search for the truth, Christ himself, who corresponds.
My heart was once awakened (out of boredom, thirst for meaning) and I too started the search. Never will it end until I see him myself. Nonetheless even now, I enjoy His Presence. Thank you for yours.


P.S I should learn how to use one of these blogs, for I also have daily journal entries on-line but with a crappy (sorry for the expression) provider. More commercial, kind of like "xanga".

P.S.S. No, I don't mind you took the pics, that's what they are for!!

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