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Tuesday, April 05, 2005



Way cool! Now I'm just more disappointed I couldn't make it. There would have been a twinge of self-consciousness because my office is at 444 N Michigan and I would have wondered if anyone would catch me in the act... all the more an opportunity to stand up for what I believe, in a blatantly secular world.

Thanks for allowing me to be there in a small way.

(as a side note, I've also got that music cd of JPII. great great sounds, and the closest I'll ever be or have been to hearing his voice in person.)


Have I met you before? I just got to your blog from phatmass, and I was at this Way of the Cross! That was one of the most amazing Good Fridays I have ever experienced.

I do stuff with the Chicago CL community from time to time.


Jenny: We probably have. If you were at the Way of the Cross, I did the Gospel reflections.

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