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Thursday, February 09, 2006



Jack, I have been diligently reading that writing from Siena. It makes a whole lot of sense and is very exciting. However, the role of lay people vs the priests is becoming a bit blurry in my mind, all of a sudden. (Perhaps I am over thinking it.)
The author reminds us that the priest is acting persona Christi, as prophet, priest and king. He also says that all three roles must be given full value and consideration. If one is lacking, then the priest is lacking in the performance of his true calling.
Also, the author says that lay people are also priests, lay priests. They are given the role of educating others and evangelizing...of becoming true apostles.
So, then, the only real difference between the ordained and non-ordained is the administering of the Sacraments? I do not fully understand, from an authority point of view, how this is broken out. That is, it seems that one could argue that if we are all priests, then we all have the authority to administer all three functions. Where does Christ say: I ordain you to perfrom all three roles, but others with a more limited role?
As another way to look at it: Is not the lay apostolate also, via his evangelizing, acting in the person of Christ?
I am not arguing against the idea that we are called to be full apostles. It makes the greatest sense and it truly resounds with what I think our Lord wants for us. We simply must get beyond the clericalism. It just gets kind of funky, in terms of the above perspective. Where is my thinking off? Please help me.


Let me provide a little more context to that last comment.
Our parish is currently struggling with lay people wanting to share in the homiletics during the Mass. Myself and many others are disturbed at this, as is it at odds with the GIRM and because we accept the premise that only an ordained priest can preach the Word at Mass.
Seems like, in the context of the Siena article, a lay person could say: "If I can minister to people outstide the Mass, why not within it?"
At some intuitive level, I know this would be incorrect thinking, but I have difficulty with a good solid answer.



I've been away on business all week, so just seeing these. Great questions. I will try to get to them and your questions in your email in the next couple of days.

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