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Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Paul Johnston

Thanks for this Jack.

I'm in over my head but you offer enough encouragement and throw enough lifelines, I'll keep swimming.

As for the substance of this first post, I'll take Mr. Carrel's advice and "observe much" and "comment little".

Keep up the great work, my friend.


Paul, I fully understand. I am hoping to do better next time at writing clear yet concise summaries. It is difficult because Fr. Giussani's style was to write very densely. These works were the results of his conversations with students over the years. So there is much to unpack. But I'm glad you are willing to hang in there.

I mentioned previously the Gospel passage of St. Andrew and St. John meeting Christ. One could say that The Religious Sense is the foundation for the encounter that occurs there. For in that encounter, what happens? Christ turns to them and says, "What do you want?" What do you desire, in essence. It's bold, because it is so trusting. Jesus doesn't impose himself or the answer on them. He asks. Knowing that if they truly considered their hearts -- their "elementary experience" -- that their human nature would point to the answer, freely: they desire Him ("Rabbi, Where are you staying?"). What we are exploring here in The Religious Sense is that dynamic that underlies that encounter and makes it possible.

Paul Johnston

Wow...Thank you for your insights regarding Jesus' encounter with St. Andrew and St. John. Very powerful.

I did take your advice and read the passage a few days ago and was struck by what I thought was St. Andrew and St. John's desire for relationship, before theology.

I have to say though that I hadn't considered the profound implication of Jesus' initial question. How trusting, how loving, how accessable. Yes, yes, the implication that their humanity would direct them is clear. Thank you.

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