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Wednesday, January 23, 2008



Great point! this one had me confused for a while.



I was just updating my blog and checked to see if you were still actively posting and I found this. Have you read the Religious Sense? I think you're right, but I don't think anyone is slipping up a bit in not emphasizing it. This is exactly what we mean by verification. Experience is that which I live, to verify this is to seek to find the truth of it. Simple.


Sorry, I should have kept typing in that last comment. What I wanted to finish saying is as follows:

Andrew does verify his experience. He has this great expectation for a messiah, he has a heart which tells him that he can hope something great like this, he has the learned understanding of the scriptures which tells him what the messiah will be like, he has the experience of John and his followers, and he now has the experience of this man Jesus. For him to say "We have found the messiah." When he was never told this by Jesus, and Lamb of God and Messiah are never synonymous in the Hebrew scriptures, he is in fact affirming the reasonable truth of what he has met. This is a judgment, he makes the judgment that his heart and his experience have led him to. He then begins the work of verifying the whether his judgment is true or not. Will his experience of this man continue to indicate the judgment he has made.

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