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Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Christopher DeMars

One of my biggest concerns about Christopher West's writing on TOB is that it is writeen to a very specific audience: 13-20 year olds. His specific audience dictates his writing style, language, and examples. Christopher West does not argue these points, in fact he goes further by claiming an evangelistic mission to bring TOB to the young people of America - specifically, to enlighten young people about their sexuality in terms of how God made them, and to give them the tools to work within God's Divine plan.

This is a good and laudable goal. I praise West for taking on the mission as he has done. The problem comes in when people outside of West's intended audience use West's work as their sole source for TOB. The primary argument I hear is that TOB is unapproachable by the average American, so they use West because he is more easily understandable. But West does not present the entirety of TOB - he olny presents the parts relevant to his mission and goals. Thus West is not a complete commentary of TOB.

Additionally, West uses the English translation as his source, which is not necessarily the best translation (although the new version is much better.) There is so much more to TOB in the original Italian that gets lost in translation.

Joe C

The book I have by West is Good News about Sex and Marriage. For me, it was too basic. I already knew the basics of the teaching and was willing to accept them. But, I needed to see the beauty of JPII's theology and so I need to read JPII.

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